"What an awesome app to use while I'm flying around the country!  It shows so much more than any of the airlines flight tracking programs.  It makes me look at the window again and see what I'm missing!!

- Claire Zigler


"This app is just like my iphone app I use in my car!  The GPS and moving map are great!"

- Roger Hopkine

"I love having flyguide Pro!  Especially when the airline I'm flying doesn't have Wi-Fi or doesn't display any flight progress information."

- Tom Feise


flyguide Pro displays what you are flying over with detailed satellite imagery.  It labels cities, lakes, mountains, rivers, major highways and more!  Points of Interests are shown. Your altitude, speed and heading are all displayed. No internet needed! Displays the lower 48 US States.

for ipad

and iphone


flyguide for crew has the same features as flyguide Pro plus a searchable database of aviation fixes, navaids and airports in the lower 48 US States.  Of course all offline!


​flyguide Pro




​flyguide for crew

*Both flyguide apps now show your Altitude, Groundspeed, ETA, Heading, and Distance to your Destination!!

A new update is in the works to add many more points of interests!!

*NEW UPDATE is in the App Store

The new update includes the iOS 13.3 fix and over 1500 POI's !